//these are all new arrivals in October 2013//

1. Vintage floral dress + Fur Blouson + Velor Strap pumps From Liz Lisa uuhhnn, but this is actually more..RomaGyaru, nee…Oh well, nvm :D


2.Lace Knit peplum + lace culottes (worn under the peplum) + ‘Punching short Boots’ also From Liz Lisa And THIS one is kinda mo HimeGyaru than Hime Kaji~~ T.T demo, its not..reaching the level of HimeGyaru either, so i guess its ok…


3.Knit tops with Ribbon and Rose Chiffon Skirt set From Dear my Love + Real Rabbit Fur Lace up boots from Mary Rose 


4.Rococo DOLL Culottes from Jesus Diamante + Rococo button down cardigan and Rococo LADY 3Ribbon pumps also from Jesus Diamante


5.Anne-Marie Dress with Rococo LADY three Ribbon Pumps, also from Jesus Diamante 


6.Knit-Switched-with-Lace Cardigan and Scarf-pattern Flare Skirt paired with Knee high boots in Beige, all From MA*RS


7. Ribbon and Chocolate pattern knit cardigan POP x SWEET from Dear My Love + Flower motif shorts with pocket hem lace frill from Dear My Love OR Sheer Organdy Skirt from Mary Rose + Lace up Long Boots from DEAR MY LOVE


8. Cable Pink Knit Tunic + Full Lace and Ribbon knee high black tights From MA*RS


9. Lace ruffle bow tie blouse + Ribbon waist, Lace Hem culottes from ANK ROUGE


10. Gingham Floral print dress + Peplum knit cardigan from Liz Lisa